Converting from UiApp + Chart Service to Html Service + Google Visualization API

In July 2012 Roee Eilat and Eric Koleda, respectively members of the Google Charts and Apps Script Teams, published a popular tutorial: “Building a Charts Dashboard”. Later, in December 2014, Google deprecated the UI Service that supports Charts – while strangely not deprecating the Charts Service itself. That’s left some confusion for developers.

For users of Google Apps Script, there are two alternatives for visualizing data:

  1. Continue using Charts + UiApp. While deprecated and not supported for auto-completion in the editor, UiApp still works. There has been no announcement that it will actually be shut down… yet.
  2. Follow Google’s recommendation, and use HtmlService instead. A feature request to have Charts supported by the HtmlService has been declined. So this seemingly-simple recommendation entails the additional requirement that you use Google’s other Charts offering, also known as the Google Visualization API, or GViz.

In today’s post, I will show you how to convert the old dashboard example from from UiApp + Chart Service to HtmlService + Google Visualization API. For those willing to geek out with me, there’s even an introduction to System Architecture.

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