StackOverflow Lost & Found, part 2

In part 1, we introduced the idea of strong and weak tags on StackOverflow, and offered some advice for posting questions that get attention from the experts you’re looking for.

Lost Questions

And that brings us to Lost Questions. StackOverflow experts typically focus their efforts on a narrow set of tags, expecting that people looking for their help will categorize them appropriately. Questions on a strong topic that are not tagged with that topic’s primary tag are “Lost”.

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StackOverflow Lost & Found, part 1

Icon (c) StackOverflowI love answering questions about Google Apps Script on! As of this morning, I’ve made 792 posts on the google-apps-script tag, by far my most active tag. A large number of the questions I’ve answered came through what I call a “Lost & Found” activity – and so have many more that I’ve edited and left for others in the community to answer.

Read on to learn what causes a question to be Lost in the first place, what you can do to Find them, and how that can benefit you in terms of SO reputation gain and food for your soul or Karma.

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