About me

At the start of 8th grade I was given a TI Programmable 57 calculator, which TI called “a powerful super slide rule calculator”! That was my first introduction to computers and programming. Since then, I’ve lost track of the number of different machines I’ve programmed on, from assembly-level through OS implementations, device drivers, high-availability fiber-optics systems (that’s right – FREAKIN’ LAZERS!), distributed high-availability telecom systems, box-toting robots, and more.

About the blog

The primary subject of my blog is Google Apps Script, with tie-ins to StackOverflow, which sums up where I spend my time when I’m not being a busy R&D Manager, Father + Husband, Coach, dog-walker, or hockey player.

Note about comments

I have not disabled comments on my blog posts or pages – if you have any feedback about them, please feel free to weigh in.

If you have questions about work I have posted in other sites, especially StackOverflow or any Google support forum, this isn’t the place for them. I will moderate out such questions – nothing personal about it, I just believe in keeping things in their place.


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